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Jan 19


Posted by Dannyboy in ufc , ufc , triangles , technique , takedowns , take downs , southwest ohio , rear naked choke , padwork , no gi , muay thai , mma in dayton , mma dayton ohio , mma dayton , mma , mauy tai , martial arts , kick boxing , judo , jiu jitsu , ground fighting , grappling , gi , freestyle wrestling , free training , fighters in dayton , classes in dayton , chokes , boxing dayton ohio , boxing , bjj dayton , bjj , 30 days free



   I am going to talk about UFC 142 and how you can learn the techniques they used, at TENBEARSMMA in Dayton Ohio. So let me talk about the co main event first, Vitor Belfort vs Anthony Johnson. Anthony is a big strong wrestler that came in 11 lbs over weight, so Vitor had to weather a little bit of a storm, but Vitor got Anthony with good old fashion Jiu-Jitsu! And Palhares got Mike Massenzio with Jiu-Jitsu too! Maybe just maybe it is good to know this jiu-jitsu stuff! Well guess what TENBEARSMMA in Dayton Ohio offers Jiu-Jitsu classes we also go over all the other stuff you see in the UFC! So I am going to go over a couple fights and some of the techniques. First Vitor and Johnson it is no doubt that wrestlers transition into MMA very very well and a lot of people think the future of the UFC will be strong wrestlers, and they might be right but Jiu-Jitsu is evolving as I type this blog, and you see that even great wrestlers get submitted (Anderson submitting Chael Sonnen) and so on, I am sure Chael has worked on his Submissions since that fight and just want to say I hope he destroys Bisbing Just had to get that in there. So back to Vitor and Anthony to sum it up Anthony got a couple takedowns put could not do much on the ground so they got stood up Johnson went for another take down after a scramble for position vitor sprawled and looked like he could of went for a darce choke but maybe did not want to lose a great position so he transitioned to the back Johnson tried to turn into vitor to defend the rear naked choke but vitor softend him up with punches and Johnson gave up his back, vitor went palm to palm and got the tap! So how does TENBEARSMMA in Dayton Ohio correlate with what you see on T.V.? in many ways if you like the standup and we do have students that just like one particular art, and that is fine sensei Jim was a golden cloves boxer and trained muay Thai under Oscar Kallet, so we got some skills to pass on to you. TENBEARSMMA in Dayton Ohio has a very respectable judo background if you like the art of throwing we got you covered and we got jiu-jitsu! gi and no gi! And TENBEARSMMA in Dayton Ohio is the only Southern Ohio’s Marcello C. Monterio affiliate school!


       FREE 30 DAY TRIAL CALL (937) 361-0220 TO GET STARTED TODAY!!!!!



 Till Next Time!

Danny Howard


~Danny Howard is a Martial Arts enthusiast and a student at Tenbears Martial Arts Academy, If you are interested in … finding a fitness school, A kickboxing gym, Kickboxing training, Muay Thai kickboxing, Finding a judo or BJJ school… please consider signing up for the 30 day free offer. 


Also if you are into more of a stand up style of martial arts like karate, taekwondo or standard American boxing and would like to improve your ground game please consider our martial arts classes.  We are not that far from Kettering, Beavercreek, Fairborn, Xenia or Bellbrook either!

Dec 07


Posted by Dannyboy in yudansha , wrestling , ufc , training , technique , takedowns , take downs , Sukui-nage , sparring , single leg , Seoi-nage , Randori , O-Soto-Gari , muay thai , mma , mauy tai , mat , martial arts , judo , jiu jitsu , ground fighting , grip fighting , firemans carry , double leg , clinch fighting , boxing



       I am going to talk about belt testing and my experience with it! I personally have had 2 belt tests in the Yudansha fighting system, different schools and different martial arts have their own unique style of testing. I am going to go over Yudansha fighting system and my experiences I have had! Since the philosophy of Yudansha comes from three parts of a combative engagement first, the standing phase, next the clinch phase and last the ground phase! Yudansha philosophy is it is better to be good at all three than just be good in one. You have heard the term well rounded in the U.F.C. or MMA matches because they have to be good at all aspects of the game. Yudansha fighting systems first part of the belt test is going over techniques with a uke (or training partner) a good uke is ideal because you do not want the person resisting the techniques a good uke will have good break falls and not resist the throw to ensure good Kata or form. Judo is a big part of the test, here are a couple techniques, Seoi-nage or shoulder throw, O-Soto-Gari or major throw, these are from Gokyo or greenbelt here is one from yonkyo or blue belt Sukui-nage or scoop throw. In the yudansha system there is also wrestling techniques, your single leg and double leg take downs as well as firemans carry and so on. After going over techniques there is the Randori  part or live judo. then on to live sparing that has boxing, muay thai , and ground work( jiu-jitsu). This part will test you mentally as well as physically because the test is three 5 min. rounds in each, judo, stand up, and jiu-jitsu with fresh people alternating, I personally train my cardio and get a lot of mat time like I am training for a fight because 45 min. of live sparing is grueling! But also very rewarding when you complete!







Till Next Time!

Danny Howard


~Danny Howard is a Martial Arts enthusiast and a student at Tenbears Martial Arts Academy, If you are interested in … finding a fitness school, A kickboxing gym, Kickboxing training, Muay Thai kickboxing, Finding a judo or BJJ school… please consider signing up for the 30 day free offer. 


Also if you are into more of a stand up style of martial arts like karate, taekwondo or standard American boxing and would like to improve your ground game please consider our martial arts classes.  We are not that far from Kettering, Beavercreek, Fairborn, Xenia or Bellbrook either!

Nov 07

Thursday MMA conditioning in dayton ohio

Posted by torrey in thai boxing , technique , takedowns , sparring , muay thai , mma in dayton , mma dayton ohio , mma dayton , mma , mauy tai , Martial arts in Dayton , kick boxing , ground fighting , free training , fitness training , fighters in dayton , drilling , classes in dayton , class , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , boxing , bjj ohio , bjj in dayton , bjj dayton , bjj , better shape , ab workout in dayton , 30 days free

Thursday classes at Tenbearss MMA in Dayton, Ohio are all about developing our stand up skills, including punching, kicking, clinch work, and takedowns in dayton ohio. Most if not all fights start standing up, so having excellent stand up skills is just as important as having good BJJ ground skills in dayton. We start out with warming our bodies up by practicing basic Boxing and Muay Thai punching and kicking drills against a partner by blocking and passing their strikes in Dayton, Ohio. These drills also help to develop reaction time to make it easier to tell when our opponent will strike and what strike they may use. After working those basic drills, we worked into "The Grind" where the students go round after round at different training stations practicing different skills such as Muay Thai pad striking, ground and pound strikes on a bag, punching and kicking against the heavy bag, using the speed bag and speed ball to help develop good hand eye coordination, as well as various other training drills in Dayton, Ohio. From there, after our bodies are good and tired from "The Grind" we then did live sparring against each other to practice our application of our Muay Thai skills in Dayton, Ohio. Once the sparring session is over, we worked into the abdominal section by doing leg raises at different levels as well as dropping a medicine ball on our stomachs to help condition them in Dayton, Ohio. As always we finished up by cooling down with our Yoga For Fighters session in order to keep our bodies nice and flexible in Dayton, Ohio.


May 26

Thursdays MMA conditioning class at Tenbears MMA in Dayton, Ohio

Posted by josh in thai boxing , technique , padwork , muay thai , mma , mauy tai , kick boxing , judo , free training , fitness training , class , boxing , better shape , 30 days free

Here at Tenbears Martial Arts Academy in Dayton Ohio we take pride in the way we train during our MMA conditioning class. We train really hard with our rotating 4 minute drills and extensive Muay Thai drills and pad work in Dayton Ohio. After ten 4 minute rounds of intense conditioning we drilled some Judo throws in Dayton Ohio. And just like all classes here at Tenbears Martial Arts Academy we finished with the best ab workout in Dayton, Ohio. And the cherry topper of our class is our application of yoga to help relax those sore tired and achy muscles after that long work out in Dayton, Ohio.


Don’t forget about our 30 DAYS FREE TRAINING. CALL NOW TO GET STARTED (937) 361-0200 ask for Josh.

Feb 11

Daytons best MMA and BJJ training in Dayton Ohio

Posted by josh in thai boxing , technique , self defense , muay thai , mma , mauy tai , martial arts , kick boxing , judo , jiu jitsu , ground fighting , grip fighting , grappling , freestyle wrestling , free training , fitness training , class , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , boxing , bjj , 30 days free

   The adults class at Tenbears mma in Dayton; wow is all you can really say about that class. There is lot of skill and heart on the mats in our dojo. We train like we fight and fight like we train. So, we started with stretching cause if you don't know, you really don't want to pull muscles. We went straight to the good stuff. Muay Thai kick training and then some boxing. We drilled jab cross straight threw to Judo in Dayton Ohio sweeps and throws. Like normal we train the way we fight. So, after you get someone to the ground u don’t stop there. We then drilled bjj submission grappling with gi's on. Then we start with some freestyle wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Dayton Ohio, and ground fighting. We always love the clinch fighting getting you to the ground is an art form that we practice every class.



Jan 17

Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training at Tenbears MMA in Dayton, Ohio

Posted by josh in self defense , muay thai , mma , mauy tai , martial arts , judo , jiu jitsu , free training , fitness training , class , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , boxing , bjj , 30 days free

                Here at Tenbears Martial Arts Academy we train hard for what our goals are. Some of us just want the knowledge of JUDO, BJJ, MUAY THAI, and BOXING. Then there are those that seek the self-confidence the Martial Arts gives you. Some just wanted to know how to defend themselves god forbid someone ever attacked them. And some just want to get in shape or stay physically fit. Then there are those few that train to put this ancient art to work. I’m talking about competing.  There are many types of competitions someone could get into threw these arts and in pursuing their goals could travel all over the world. It all depends on what your goals are and how much effort you are willing to put behind those goals. If you think this art could be for you, you need to call as ASAP. (937)361-0200 ask for josh. Take advantage of our 30 FREE TRAINING. It is an offer that you shouldn’t pass up and won’t be around forever.

Jan 03

Tenbears Martial Arts Academy Bjj, Judo, and Muay Thai training in Dayton Ohio

Posted by josh in thai boxing , sweeps , muay thai , mauy tai , mat , martial arts , judo , jiu jitsu , grappling , free training , fitness training , drilling , class , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , bjj , 30 days free


Classes are filling up quick. The classes are so intense and learning hands on oriented that once you come to a class and get the feeling that we train as a group you wont want to miss a class. We are a big family on the mat. You will completely understand why we give a month free training. After that you wont want to miss a class. We learn something new EVERY class. Whether its a new submission or throw. Sometimes its just a new variation of a throw that we already knew. All in all though every class is a learning experience that you shouldn't miss no matter what. Don't forget to take advantage of our 30 DAYS FREE TRAINING!!!!!!!

Dec 27

MUAY THAI class at Tenbears MMA in Dayton Ohio

Posted by josh in thai boxing , technique , sparring , padwork , muay thai , mma gear , mma , mauy tai , martial arts , kick boxing , free training , drilling , class , boxing , 30 days free


        Our muay thai class is so thorough and intense. We drill the same moves repeatedly then switch and drill and switch to keep the body in shock. The rule is that if you drill a move 10000 times you own it, so, needless to say that’s why we drill. You want every move to be second nature. Drilling pad work and kick boxing to keep your body in great shape and ready to compete. And don’t forget about our



Dec 10

MMA conditioning class at Tenbears Martial Arts Academy

Posted by josh in thai boxing , padwork , muay thai , mma , mauy tai , martial arts , kick boxing , free training , fitness training , class , boxing , better shape , 30 days free


Class was intense last night. After stretching out we jumped right into our workout. Stations and pad work for everyone that concentrated on mauy thai kick boxing and our stand up boxing. The 12 four minute rounds really got to us. Afterwords we did our traditional intense ab workout followed by yoga for fighters. And don’t forget about our                                                                                                                                    30 days free training

Oct 14

thursdays kick boxing, brazilion jiu jitsu, judo, muay thai and self defense conditioning class

Posted by josh in yudansha , wrist escapes , ufc , triangles , thai boxing , technique , tae kwon do , sweeps , sparring , self defense , promotions , muay thai , mma gear , mma , mauy tai , mat , martial arts , kyokushin karate , Kids Jiu Jitsu Class , kids bjj , kick boxing , judo , jiu jitsu , ground fighting , grappling , Gracie challenge , freestyle wrestling , free training , fitness training , drilling , clinch fighting , class , Children's Jiu Jitsu , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , black belt , bjj , better shape , arm bars , 30 days free

   The class has started and the little ones are practicing wrist escapes and about to hit some pads. You  got to check out the 30 DAYS FREE for kids and adult classes.


I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day when I started training.  I started training mainly cause I have always been interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I felt that the self discipline and fitness oriented training would be the positive influence I needed in my life. I have cut down 15lbs since I started training and quit smoking after the first class. The self confidence I got from the training is something that is unreal. The Sensei is awesome and the way he teaches the classes is informative, fun, and the techniques are extremely useful in competitions. The feeling I get from the school is that we are a big family we watch the fights together train and compete together. I recommend this school and program to anyone that needs a positive direction or fitness training in there life.


Tenbears has great martial arts classes.  I am a huge fan of jiujitsu and would recommend it to anyone.  It's a great family environment and Sinsei Jim is very patient and ensures that everyone practices key moves correctly.  I know I live a healthier lifestyle now and have more confidence and overall fitness.  I'm learning self defense and gaining more appreciation for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

 ~Colin S.

The number one reason I signed up at Tenbears MMA was because I had a background of boxing and wanted to become more of a well rounded fighter. I wanted to improve my cardio and become more confident that if I end up on the ground in a fight that I will be able to handle the situation. The 3 most important benefits that I have received since I have started training here ; my self confidence has gone up by leaps and bounds, I have became a very well rounded fighter, and I have gained some lifelong friends. I am very happy with the instructors here. Their patience and knowledge of the arts of jiu jitsu, kickboxing, and judo are one of the main reasons that I committed to the school. My overall feeling is that it has become an extension of my family. The respect we give each other here is something you don’t find at every school. I don’t feel like just another statistic here. I would recommend this martial arts school in Dayton to anyone that wants to learn self defense, lose weight, and or compete in jiujitsu. You won’t find a more well rounded school in the area.

~Matt M

The number one reason I wanted to join a martial arts school is to get fit.  I also want to gain more self discipline because I want to become a professional MMA fighter.  So far I have lost 20 pounds, I am much more flexible and I have tons of energy.  Tenbears is the greatest martial arts class in Dayton and it feels like part of my family here. I would definitely recommend this especially as an alternative to karate classes or taekwondo.

~ Angel Burke

Martial Arts DaytonI joined Tenbears MMA mainly to improve on my self defense. The benefits that I have received from this school are endless. Some of the main ones are physical fitness, overall martial arts training and knowledge, and meeting and getting to know others that train many different Martial Arts styles. I have gotten a lot of experience doing ground work (jiu jitsu), also my striking and fitness level have improved by leaps and bounds. I feel the instructor is as much a part of the class as the students. That is something that I don’t see in other school and I think it helps with the overall comradery in the school. My feelings about the school as a whole are it’s a very friendly school and not competitive at all, even though some of the students do compete. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to get into better shape and or learn some real life self defense and/ or MMA.


I love to compete and have always been a big fan of full contact competition. I had wrestled for many years and decided that this would be a more advanced and technique style of competition. Two of the biggest benefits I got from this school and style of training are honor and respect. I learned that honoring and respecting the school, the sensei, and most importantly myself I was able to advance in the sport.  The leadership skills and humility I learned from this school are something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. The feeling I get when I hit the mats and start training is indescribable. The way the classes are taught to the people that train in the school it’s like no other school I have ever been to.  I recommend this school to anyone that is at all interested in training or trying any style of Martial Arts.

~ Brandon

At the age of 32, I have spent 14 years of my life as a martial arts enthusiast. My disciplines include: Karate, Tae Kwando, Jiu-Jitsu, Arnis (stick and knife fighting) and Judo. I also have 3 years experience in high school wrestling. During this time period, I have won 5 sport jiu-jitsu tournaments and took 2nd place in a tae Kwando tournament along being selected four years in a row as a member of a martial arts demonstration team. I participated on the Marine fitness team and have received two presidential sports awards. My employment history includes 13 years in security and law enforcement and 4 years as a personal trainer. I also have worked as an instructor an assistant instructor for several local martial arts schools teaching adult and kid’s martial arts, women’s self defense and weapons retention. Martial arts have helped me in every aspect of my life from stress relief to keeping mentally and physically ready for the high demands of my career. I highly encourage people of all ages and body types to at least try martial arts and see what it can do to improve your quality of life.


I was at a place where I needed something to help point my life in a positive direction.  I have always wanted to take a martial arts program just never applied myself to it. The humility I have learned from this program is something I will carry with me the rest of my life. The discipline and brotherhood I have gotten from training at Tenbears Martial Arts Academy. I am honored to be able to train under sensei Jim the unity in the school is something I have not seen anywhere else. I would recommend this program to everyone that has the slightest desire to try this kind of training. You can’t go wrong with the free 30 days.


I started training at 240 lbs.  Now thanks to Tenbears Martial Arts Academy I am down to 190 lbs. I joined mainly because I wanted to get back in shape. A big benefit to joining Tenbears was that I became part of a family. The love and respect we have for each other is amazing. I have learned discipline, respect and honor from training under Sensei Jim. I would recommend this program to everyone that's interested in hands on reality combat sports  or fitness training.


 I joined Tenbears Martial Arts Academy mainly to get back into shape. As a result my self confidence went way up and my stress level has gone done by leaps and bounds. In the 6 months I have been training here at Tenbears MMA I have lost 30 POUNDS. I have met a great group of guys that I train with, and have also learned a very practical art. The Sensie’s instructions are simple and he really takes the time to make sure that you understand the techniques. The feeling I get at this school isn’t that of a school at all. It reminds me of a family. I would recommend this school to everyone. I have tried so many other schools in the area and none of them compare to the training I get here at Tenbears MMA. Plus with the 30 DAYS FREE you can’t go wrong.

 ~Mike f

I joined the Tenbears Academy in Dayton mainly to lose weight and improve my over all health. Self defense is also important to me and my family. In one month of class (two days a week) I have lost 6 lbs and one pant size. I feel a drastic difference in my stress level too! Sensei Jim is great and there is a real sense of camaraderie in the class. I’m so glad I'm here and would recommend this martial arts school to anyone.


 The main reason I wanted to train is because I love watching MMA fights on TV. I really just wondered if I could do that type of competition also. I joined Tenbears MMA to try and improve my fighting skills. To say the least I am getting in better shape then I thought I would, I am getting stronger, and my fighting skills have improved drastically. The way the instructor teaches the class is unlike I thought it would be. He really gets in the class just like the students and trains with us. My overall impression of the school is friendly. The way the other student's seem to wanna get to know you kinda caught me off guard, its like a big family. I recommend this program to anyone that wants to improve their self defense skills and or compete.



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